Culinary challenge

Your teams will face off around a gastronomic theme to make a recipe against the clock (a starter and main course - with or without cooking). After demonstrations and advice from the chef, it's over to you!

This team building event builds cohesion and motivation. But we must pay attention to the guidance and demonstration previously provided to reproduce the chief's recipe.

Teams are formed with groups of 3 to 5 people, each with their own workstation. Teammates must reproduce the recipe demonstrated by the chef from the ingredients and equipment we make available.

If you do not have a suitable space, we have an ideal site for it: Strasbourg, 10 minutes from the inner city.


Technical informations 

2h00 to 3h00.
Locations: Strasbourg, North Vosges, Colmar. Other Destinations : Contact us.
Number of participants: 10 to 30 (more? Contact us).


The options

  • Drinks And Refreshments
  • Apron printing
  • Provision of hampers with local produce (25 participant minimum)
  • Room rental
  • Accommodation, catering, transfers, visits



Download the detailed sheet