Challenge your colleagues and show them your skills and reflexes, leadership qualities and how to be a good team player during this Olympiad. In each challenge, you must find the resources to do better than your opponents, not to mention a little reflexes. The atmosphere is relaxed and prone to laughter and good times.

This team building event is both fun and challenging and strengthens the cohesion and motivation of your staff in an informal setting. The proposed trials and challenges are varied and require different competences: reflexes, skill, perception, coordination.

The activity takes place with teams of 3 to 6 people. Teammates must perform the tests proposed either in competition or alone. A list of workshops will give you a wide range of choices but they must be adapted to the chosen site.


Technical informations 

1h30 to 2h30.
Location : to be defined.
Number of participants: 10 to 60 (more? Contact us).


The options

  • Refreshments and hot drinks and snacks
  • Meals at the shelter at the inn or restaurant after activity
  • Rewards for the winners or hampers with local produce (25 minimum)
  • Accommodation, catering, transfers, visits