The Vosges

The Vosges mountain range

The Vosges. An very old mountain range, as old as the Alps, that stretches from north to south stretching almost 200 km that includes 2 regional parks.

In the North, a gentler relief below 600 meters altitude that offers enchanting views dominated by the sandstone pink of the Vosges. It is close to the Maginot Line and its medieval fortresses are legendary. A perfect location for peace and scenery.

The highest peak is in the south at 1 424m. Mountain farming was practice there, these farms have now been converted to inns. A symbol of rural cuisine.

Between the two is a transition area where sandstone and granite are bordered by the Alsace wine route.


Your seminar in the Vosges

The northern Vosges offer more isolated and quiet hotels. Often the service is a notch higher for the same price. The welcome is warm and the dishes excellent. Perfect for more intimate seminars or incentives for 10-15 people.

South of Schirmeck establishments grow in number as the altitude climbs.

In both cases, MAORN will find what fits your seminar specifications. Both are ideal for outdoor activities and enjoying nature.


What to do in the Vosges

Here are the activities we recommend in the Vosges.

Snowshoeing is the activity that lends itself best to the Vosges mountains. It is an activity that is accessible for the majority of people.

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The Olympiad is a perfect event for mountains because it requires space. This is also an opportunity for a good breath of fresh air.

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One of the best picks is in the village of La Petite Pierre which has a nice multipurpose room that is perfect for installing our team building car competition: the Car Design Cup.

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This is undoubtedly one event that benefits most from its environment. We will have time to enjoy our surroundings and the picturesque views during the hike.

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