You, individuals, are one part of a larger whole: your business. You must express it by participating in the creation of your company's totem. As a team, you produce a canvas, a painting that has to coordinate with the work and inspiration of other teams. This painting is the culmination of a common goal, everyone must find their place in this large undertaking. The activity is coordinated and run by a visual artist.

This team building event does not bring teams into competition, but rather establishes cohesion of the entire group as it aims towards a shared goal: the totem. We must therefore demonstrate listening and thought, but more specifically group cohesion.

We recommend forming teams of 3 to 4 people. The theme is defined with the customer before the activity. A wide range of material and colour mediums are made available to teams: gouache, 3D paint, glitter ...


Technical informations 

1h30 to 2h30.
Location: to be defined. Provide a space.
Number of participants: 10 to 60 (more? Contact us).


The options

  • Refreshments and hot drinks and snacks (depending on the site)
  • Room location
  • Meal at the inn or restaurant after activity
  • Baskets local (25 minimum), embroidered apron, teeshirt,
  • Accommodation, catering, transfers, visits